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holistic treatments work to bring tranquility to both the body and mind.

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body_polish Body Polish

A full body scrubbing that begins with a gentle dry brush and is followed by a heated salt & oil scrub with invigorating essential oils.  A complete sloughing leaves your skin soft, smooth, and supple.  Do not shave or schedule waxing on the same day.
Service descriptionPricing
50 minutes $100.00


Hydro Body Wrap

This ultra soothing and hydrating treatment, begins with a mineral salt scrub.  Then a pure, natural aloe-based body pack is applied and a thermal wrap infuses all the goodness in.  Ideal for exposed skin.

Service descriptionPricing
60 minutes $110.00
While in the wrap add a modified mini facial or reflexology.
Service descriptionPricing
20 minutes $45.00
Body Dry Brushing
A quick, invigorating brushing removes surface dryness and stimulates circulation thus increasing your skin's potential for eliminating toxins.  Followed by our special house moisturizer, Vitamin E & Elderflower.  Great before a facial.
Service descriptionPricing
30 minutes $50.00
Detox Wrap
This seaweed & Moor Mud treatment helps circulate the lymph to encourage reduction of water retention in bloated tissues.  Also helps to re-mineralize the skin.  An excellent benefit to those on weight reduction programs.
Service descriptionPricing
60 minutes $110.00
Series of 6* $560.00
*Recommended to book weekly for best results  
Aromatherapy Treatment
Rebalance, revitalize and relax with this ancient therapeutic treatment.  Therapeutic grade essential oils are chosen & blended for each individual according to his/her specific problems and desired effects.
Service descriptionPricing
60 minutes $105.00

Himalayan Salt Stone Treatment
EXPERIENCE The SALT of the EARTH Body Treatment using Pink Himalayan Salt Stones SALT of the EARTH

Our full body Himalayan Salt Stone Treatment relaxes as it balances the central nervous system. We use hand carved salt crystals from one of the most pristine environments in the world – salt caves deep below the Himalayan Mountains. This body treatment combines various Swedish massage techniques, thermal therapy and salt therapy. The salt stones are warmed in a beautiful Salt Crystal Lamp bowl and are used on strategic points and in specific combinations to balance the body’s energy pathways and electromagnetic field. This results in very deep relaxation, improved sleep and reduced inflammation in addition to mild detoxification and mild skin exfoliation.
Service descriptionPricing
60 minutes $110.00